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Founded in 2000, ADRACO is an association (1901 Act non-profit) of Defense and Recourse for  injuries may happen in circulation. It has social and public interests, work against road crime, informs, and assists victims, can bring civil and totally independent insurers or other organization.

We provide information free of accident victims or their relatives on the extent of their rights. 
ADRACO can be at your side after :
- A traffic accident
- An accident at work
- An accident on the way to get to work

Why go to an association ?

Once contact was established with ADRACO by the victims, we go home, inform victims and offer to accompany them in their legal procedures, medical and administrative bodies dealing with various compensation (insurance, guarantee fund ...) in order to obtain a full and fair compensation for their injuries. 

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The multidisciplinary team consists of ADRACO lawyers, doctors, neutral experts, all of whom have specialized in personal injury, whether for a traffic accident as an accident. One member of the association has 20 years experience in the field. Another volunteer was a member of specialist personal injury compensation in the Netherlands, now retired. The association allows any victim, regardless of social status, the correct procedures for the management of his case and access to :

- A medical assistance expert specializing in the repair of injury and its consequences,

- A medical-legal expert,

- An expert in accident when the file requires the presence of this kind of expert, to determine liability, a precondition for the compensation procedure,

- An accountant firm in the case where the victim was a craftsman, trader, contractor, requiring the study of balance, projections over time, etc. ...

- An architect-expert when it becomes necessary to make arrangements in the house of the victim,

- A sworn translation office for nationals of third countries of Europe have suffered an accident in France, the French having been victims of an accident in a third country in Europe to translate the medical check, the minutes drawn up by the police, etc. ...

- A lawyer who specializes in the repair of injury but there are also in this area of law which sum specialties (in contracts, compensation for fraud, etc..). We respond to adequate counsel file that we entrust.
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Contact information

Address : 
7 Rue Raymond Dendeville 
Second floor, right
76500 ELBEUF

For regular post mail : 
BP 2012
76502 ELBEUF cedex

ADRACO is an association-organization registered in Préfecture de Rouen with the number W 561 000005
N° Siret 433 810 009 00038

Email : adraco76@wanadoo.fr

Tél. Azur : 00 33 810 636 346

In short, as the problem in each case we have to study, we use independent experts, specialized in the field needed to help victims cope with the expert appointed by the insurers. This system has allowed and allows each victim to be worn for the duration of the management of his case that, in addition, very often it is weakened economically, just after the accident, and that without this support, it would only accept the proposal of the Insurer.

This system allows for fair compensation and we can drive a file until final compensation, full of all heads of damage. And each victim was able to obtain the compensation to which she was entitled to claim, had the case law, but never obtained without this system, which allows him especially to take the time and let us fight for get the best result. 

The financial assistance may be because ADRACO advance fees to be reimbursed by adhering themselves after obtaining the compensation at the end of the action. 

We can also intervene on your behalf, several years after the settlement of your case, if your condition has worsened. 

The Association also aims to combat crime road to notify the prevention of potential traffic hazards and participate in conferences, seminars and debates to offer to the public authorities a tangible improvement of road infrastructure, organize the laws and regulations to prevent traffic accidents, to define a new policy on criminal law and in terms of education to secure traffic in France.