Two approaches can be considered for the road victim, .The law as two ways to define victims, some receiving automatic reparation considered as “ protected victims ”, others having to face scrutiny due to their own misbehaviors (use of alcohol, drugs..)

Protected victims

Pedestrians, cyclists and passengers are automatically considered to be protected victims and therefore automatically receive reparation without having to face scrutiny (suicide attempts or deliberate behavior resulting in an accident are exceptions to this rule)

Also, victims younger that 16 or older than 70, invalid people with more than 80% disability cannot be considered accountable.

Non-protected victims

As for drivers of motorized vehicles (car, motorcycle, etc ….) their reparation will depend on their behavior at the time of the accident.
If a fault is detected, it could cancel or limit the right to get a compensation.
It is important that circumstances of the accident are analyzed by an independent source other than the one who will be
giving the compensation (for instance the insurer). 

Since the 6 of July 1990 law, victims of penal offense, as long as they cannot be accountable for any misbehavior, can seek the same full reparation as traffic victims.

This reparation has to be claimed through a special law court specialized in offense’s victims.

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