The victim has no obligations to accept insurance company proposal and is allowed to be assisted by any council he or she may find appropriate and therefore has right to contest the handling of the case.

Traffic accident is the first cause of physical damages covered by “ Badinter ” law from July 5th 1985 which creates a special compensation status for traffic accident victims.

This law aims at simplify and speedup reparation process for these special victims, also according an improved protection.

Exception exists when accidents occur in relation with work or during work-home ride, they are considered to be covered by the working regulation and law with the possibility to get life time compensation.

Accidents that took place abroad are under CIVI commission which is part of French law court " Tribunal de Grande Instance ".

In the last 10 years, association has been able to help 600 individuals and their relatives, dealing with their case up to the reparation.

Being alone as a victim is not the right thing to do and taking contact with an association can help you dealing with administrative paperwork, insurance and legal process as well as dealing with medical, healthcare or home-builder professionals

In the case of an accident in an European country, you have to be notified by the legislation in this country.

Rules regarding physical damages are increasingly more and more complex, the victim of an accident as no way to negotiate with an insurance company without the support of a skilled professional.
Insurance company have created a dedicated guaranty which, in fact and in most of the case, is used to ensure that insurers pay the smallest possible amount to the victims. Victims of work-related accident will receive compensation from French Public Social Security even in absence of any responsibilities

However compensation is limited to some specific benefit but can be extended if your employer is considered to be guilty of intentional misconduct.

If the accident is caused by a third party, especially during a home-work ride, it’s possible to ask for better compensations.
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Your case has to be analysed by specialists.

Medical experts, paid by insurance companies, will make reports that will later be used as a basis for reparation. ADRACO will have you supported by a skilled and independent expert.

Managing the case in such a way will ensure that a real expertise will be conducted and that victims will get the best practices to protect their rights.

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